For many years the Chess club was based in the Belsfield Hotel – the proprietor was Rod Wiseman a keen chess player himself. Although i beat him several times over the years i’ll always remember my loss – i was in a winning position and my mobile phone went off! DAMN! I had to forfeit the game.

At the first Chess prizegiving i attended in 2004, we set up a chess team called the PawnStars. Needless to say we are better chess players than footballers!

Bob Kermeed has won the Manx Championships 21 times. Neville Gill 19 times. Me, never.

Howard missed a 2 move checkmate against me in the Manx Chess Championships. He is such a kind generous man. I like playing Howard,

My endgame is atrocious – will need to work on this. Training is definitely required. Brian Woodard lent me Silman’s complete endgame course. A brilliant book, the best endgame book i have ever read.

  • Manx – Li Wu.
  • Candidates – Alan Ormsby / Francis Thoday / Silvester Sipos.
  • Challengers – Brian Woodard.
  • Rapid (Handicap) – Sanjay Gumireddy.

The rapid tournament consisted of 8 players in an all play all format.

Old hands like Henrik and Sanjay knew they were in for a tough time with all games played over 20 minutes with time allocated dependent on grading.

Higher rated players Henrik,Neil and Sanjay often had to play with only 1,2 or 3 minutes while their opponents had a luxury of 17, 18 or even 19 minutes!

Harry, Vince and debutante Ben all took advantage of their time advantage and scored well.

Neil and John played some exciting games but found the time handicap a real challenge.

Sanjay played well, rode his luck and in the end was a deserving winner.The key game in his victory was a tense struggle with Henrik where he played a neat rook sack which instantly won the game.

Paul admitted that he hadn’t played competitively since last November and was out of form.

A special mention must go to Ben (who on the Chaiman’s advice 🙄 ) took full advantage of his considerable time advantage and played extremely well.

I would like to thank all the players who played their games in a competitive but friendly spirit.

I was particularly impressed with Henrik who was a good sport and had to work hard for all his points!

All in all an excellent start to the season.

Roll on the rapid leagues!

Howard (The Chairman)